Seeing the Nest Half Full

I guess it should have been expected.  Having all of our kids within a year’s time meant the likelihood that they’d clear out at about the same time would be high. Still though, I never really thought they’d clear out as fast AND as far as they did! If I’m being honest, I never really imagined that they’d be more than ten minutes away.

Lindsay and Brad

The reality is that they couldn’t be further away if they tried.  Lindsay is in California with her new husband, Brad. Cole is in South Carolina, and Matt is in Japan for crying out loud!  I never thought I’d be strong enough to be so separated from them.  Sometimes you never know how strong you are until that’s the only option you have.  That all sounds pretty dramatic, I know.  Sometimes I just need to wallow in it and other times I’m able to focus on the fact that the experiences they are having are awesome, they are healthy, and that’s really all that matters.

Matt and Celene

When the blues start creeping in,  I have a secret weapon – well two actually. Cole and Matt have left behind two of the sweetest girls in the world.  Celene and Blair love and support my boys beyond measure. They are my daughters, maybe not officially – yet, but my heart doesn’t know the difference. They are never more than a phone call away.  Whether I need help with the dog, or I’m just feeling lonely, they’re always there.  Sometimes we laugh together and sometimes we cry together, but we never judge each other or tell the other that the separation isn’t so bad – because guess what…it really does suck!

Cole and Blair

This past Mother’s Day was the perfect example of how these sweet girls help fill the void. It was my first Mother’s Day without any of my kids around.  I knew it was going to be tough and I planned to keep busy and try not to dwell on it.  Blair and Celene stopped by for a surprise visit bringing with them the sweetest flowers, pictures of the kids, and patriotic decor for our new house.  I was beyond grateful; it kind of felt like they swept in to rescue me.

I count down the days when we can all hang out…together…at the same time.  Until then, I’ll count on two of my blessings that are right here helping me through.  Thank you Blair and Celene, for keeping our nest half full.  We love you tons!

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  2. Lorinda

    October 22, 2017 at 5:37 pm

    Love!!! You are a blessing to my daughter, Julie Trimble!,

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